Cristiano Dalbem

Nubank's Customer Support Platform

Shuffle, Nubank's internal CX platform, started in 2014 as a simple CRM tool to show customer information to the agent who was serving a customer. Years later it grew to be much more than that, centralizing all support channels (chat, email and telephone) and dozens of different backoffice jobs. This project aimed to understand better the users and stakeholders expectations of what a new version of this tool could look like. I identified, prototyped and tested solutions to the main painpoints while taking into account strategic drivers to make sure the product was built to scale with the business.
Last updated on May 2023


Designing a new version to improve the productivity and quality of the company's award-winning customer support.

Business metrics

Time Spent Per Ticket・CSAT・Developers Productivity・Platform NPS

My roles

Design・UX Research・Product Management


Lucas Senna (Engineer), Felipe Thomé (Engineer), Rafael Santos (Xpeer), Otto Sporteman (PM), Eder Rodrigues (PM), João Bahia (Business Analyst), et al.


May 2020 – May 2021
This project is password-protected.
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"Computers are like a bicycle for the mind."

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